Fishy's Wood Sales

Come late fall Fishy drives his old truck out along the mountain roads and cuts different varieties of dead trees. This week he had five varieties of wood: larch, lodgepole, spruce, ponderosa pine and cottonwood, in amounts ranging from 1 cord to 3 cords in half cords. With his trusty chain saw he cut each variety into two foot logs, for firewood, and sold the wood to five different customers. Three were male, Ken, Bob, and Dave, and two were female, Pam and Ursula. Each customer bought a different variety of wood and a different amount. Can you match up the type of wood, and the amount with the correct customer?
1) A young woman who drove in in an old delapidated truck bought 2 cords. Fishy thought Bob was a very finicky fellow, because Bob wouldn't consider anything except one special kind of wood and thus ended up taking less than the 3 cords he wanted, cause Fishy just didn't have 3 cords of that wood. Ken bought more wood than Ursula.

Customer Wood Amount

2) There was a one-cord difference between the amount pretty Ursula bought and the amount purchased by the one who bought the ponderosa pine. Wilderness guide Pam bought more fire wood than the person who brought spruce but less than fisherman Ken. The combined total of the amount of wood Dave and the person who bought cottonwood bought together was greater than the amount Pam purchased, but less than the amount at least one other person purchased.

3) There was a one cord difference between the amount Dave bought and the amount the person who bought larch bought in some order. Fishy sold more ponderosa pine than he did cottonwood but less than he sold of lodge pole pine. Dave bought more wood than the person who bought the cottonwood.


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