Fishy's Trips to Town


Over one month in the last millenium Fishy made five trips to town ( on the 5th, 11th, 16th, 22nd and 30th ). On each of these trips he purchased one special item to solve a problem he was having. He bought 5W-30 oil for his generator, bought a new flashlight, got some new lantern mantles, brought a new socket wrench, and, finaly, a spark plug. On each trip he bought himself one special item he liked at the grocery store: burritos, cheese crackers, cookies, hot sauce and pretzels. And on each trip he found a way to entertain himself. On three days he went to movies: The Headless Horseman, The Matrix and The 6th Sense. And on the other two occasions he went bowling and to a museum. Can you match the dates of Fishy's trips to town with the supply item he bought, the food item, and the entertainment item?
1) Fishy did not go to a movie on the day he purchased the cookies. He was so tired from fooling with his generator the day he bought the new spark plug, all he had the energy for was a movie. Fishy treated himself to a big bag of frozen shredded beef burritos the day he purchased the extra mantles for his gas lantern.

Date Supply Treat Fun

2) Fishy went to watch the movie The 6th Sense on a trip to town that took place five days after he purchased the pretzels. More than one trip to town separated the purchase of the mantles and the flashlight in some order. He went bowling after he purchased the spark plug but before he purchased the hot sauce.

3) Fishy purchased the flashlight on a Saturday and the spark-plug on a Tuesday. The cookies were not purchased on a Tuesday or a Saturday. The socket-wrench was not purchased on a movie day.  

4) The flashlight was not purchased on the same day Fishy went to see The 6th Sense. Fishy bought the burritos after he went to the museum but before he purchased the hot sauce. Fishy went to see The Matrix on a weekday. He bought the socket wrench on the trip before he bought the hot sauce.


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