Fishy's Sled Races

There was so much snow in January that four of Fishy's friends came up one weekend to his mountain cabin to visit and to join him in some winter fun. Two of Fishy's friends were also male, Dave, and Machy. And two were females, Twilight and Bev. Although all had come by snowmobile they got into an agrument as to which was the fastest non motorized winter vehicle. The winter transportation they compared were a tire tube, a large disk, a plastic bobsled, a snowboard and a toboggan. Bob was a forest ranger and had with him a radar speed detector for checking snowmobile speed. Bob proposed that each pick their own testing spot for maximum speed and he would clock each "vehicle' at it's top speed. The spots the friends chose were: Ghosttown slope, Pearl Ridge, Elk Creek Rd., The BLM Gate, and Deadwood Gulch. The final speeds turned out to be: 15, 17, 25, 27, and 30 miles per hour. Can you match each rider with his or her, vehicle, location, and speed?

1) The female who chose to ride down Pearl Ridge went faster than Dave, but not as fast as the bobsled. The difference between the speed of the snow disk which spun down through the snow, and the weaving snowboard was exactly 10 miles per hour in some order. Since Fishy was a little younger than Bev he didn't mention to her that his time beat hers.

Friend Location Vehicle Speed

2) Bev was not the one whose vehicle went 15 miles per hour. The toboggan reach the bottom of Elk Creek Road at a faster rate than the snow disk traveled. The rider of Pearl Ridge clearly beat the tire tube, but did not beat Machy. It was one of Fishy's lady friends who climbed the steep mountainside just beyond the BLM Gate, correctly guessing as she slid down the steep incline that she was traveling 25 miles per hour or faster.

3) There was a 2-mile-per-hour difference in the speeds of Machy and Twilight in some order. Although Fishy provided the old tire for one of his friends it was not the vehicle he rode.

4) Elk Creek Road proved a faster race course than Pearl Ridge. Dave was not the rider they referred to as the Pearl Ridge Streak. The Bobsled's fast descent beat Machy's time. Fishy tore down a steep slope faster than he ever had before to ensure he beat Twilight (who did beat the rider on the Ghosttown slope).


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