Fishy's Winter Sculptures

Mountain man Fishy decided to try his hand at sculpture in February. To create large enough blocks of snow to carve, he combined one-by one-by-two foot bricks of snow cut from the snowpack above his woodpile. His five sculpting blocks contained six, eight, twelve, sixteen, and twenty snow-bricks, in some order. Out of these blocks he carved an eagle, a grizzly, a packrat, a penguin, and a wolf. Each project took a different number of hours to complete: seven, ten, fourteen, eighteen, and nineteen. Can you match the creature with the number of blocks needed to sculpt it, the number of hours it took, and the order in which Fishy completed it?
Because it was so cold, Fishy decided the penguin was an appropriate subject for his last sculpture. The eagle was created after the grizzly but before the creature that took seven hours to complete. The sculpture that used sixteen blocks of snow also took a number of hours to complete with a teen in it.
Order Blocks Creature Hours

The packrat took more hours to complete than the penguin, but less than the grizzly. The creature Fishy completed just before the penguin took exactly twice as many hours to complete as the sculpture that was carved from eight blocks of snow. Fishy, using hot pokers, carved the eagle from twice as many blocks as he used on his second sculpture.

The packrat was completed immediately before, or immediately after the eagle. The creation of two or more sculptures separated the grizzly and the eagle in some order in their completion. The eagle was carved from eight blocks less than the packrat.

There was a four-hour difference between the fourth project completed and the second project completed in some order. The packrat took more time to complete than at least two other creatures.


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