Solution to Packrat Puzzle May 1999

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Number Key (1.1) refers to first clue, first sentence. (3.3) refers to third clue third sentence, etc.

Fishy Found his pen at 11AM (3.2). Fishy found his lucky dime before he found his gold pen, but found it after he found his pen knife. (2.3) So Pen Knife is 9AM and Dime 10AM.

Only remaining key and compass. Fishy didn't search the outhouse until after he ate lunch. (1.4) The shiny brass key was not the item hanging over the hole in the outhouse. (1.2) So compass is in outhouse.

Fishy discovered an object hidden along with sticks, and mattress stuffing in the stove sometime before noon. (1.1) The search of the pack rat's nest took place later than the search of the trash, but before the search of stove. (3.4 ) So Trash 9AM, Nest 10AM, Stove 11AM.

It was two hours after he found his lucky dime that Fishy found his key( 1.3) Key was found at noon and was under bed (only remaining).


Gold Pen, Stove, 11AM

Key, Under Bed, Noon

Lucky Dime, Nest, 10AM

Pen Knife, Trash, 9AM

Compass, Outhouse, 1PM