Packrat Trouble

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When he arrived back at his mountain cabin, Fishy discovered the pack rats had been to work. In addition to making a mess of the entire cabin, five small items had vanished ( a gold pen, a key, his lucky dime, his pen knife, and his compass ). After hours of clean-up work he found each item in a different location ( under the bed, in the stove, in the trash, in a nest, and in the outhouse ) and at different times ranging from 9AM to 1PM. Can you determine which item was found in which place and at what time.

1. Fishy discovered an object hidden along with sticks, and mattress stuffing in the stove sometime before noon. The shiny brass key was not the item hanging over the hole in the outhouse. It was two hours after he found his lucky dime that Fishy found his key. Fishy didn't search the outhouse until after he ate lunch.

2. Neither the key nor the pen were found under a huge pile of tooth shredded paper in the trash. Neither the compass or the knife were found in the huge nest made out of stuffing torn from Fishy's pillow. Fishy found his lucky dime before he found his gold pen, but found the dime after he found his pen knife. Searching under the bed after 11 a.m. fishy found one of his possessions.

3. Fishy did not find his pen knife lying in the dust under his bed as if dropped for something else, nor did he find it in the spider ridden outhouse. Fishy took an early lunch to celebrate his finding his pen at 11AM. Fishy found his compass one hour after or one hour before he found his key. The search of the pack rat's nest took place later than the search of the trash, but before the search of stove.

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