While cleaning up before the snows came to the mountains by his old cabin Fishy decided to collect all the nails he'd left lying around and take inventory. To collect the nails he rummaged round until he found five containers: a cardboard box, a chipped bear mug, a coffee can, an old pail and a paint can. In sorting he found five different kinds of nails: 1" roofing tacks, 4" galvanized nails, 6" spikes, 8" spikes, and 12" cabin nails. He counted each hoard of nails and found he had a different number of each: 47, 53, 67, 73, and 89. Can you sort out how many of each kind of nail Fishy had and what container they are in?
1) Fishy did not put the rusty 6" spikes in the cardboard shoe box his new boots came in. The paint can held more than the average number of nails. The nails that plunked when dropped into the chipped beer mug were shorter than the nails that Fishy tossed into the old pail pretending he was a basketball player. The rusty coffee can did not hold the sharp roofing tacks, nor did it contain the nails that numbered 73.
Container     Nail     Number

2) There was a 2" difference in size between the nails that numbered 67 and the nails that numbered 47 in some order. Fishy had more 8" spikes than he did 6" spikes. Fishy counted more than a 16 nail difference between the number of nails in his cardboard box and the number of 12" cabin nails in some order. Fishy put more nails into the old pail than he did into the cardboard box, but less than he put in the chipped beer mug.

3) Fishy was surprised to find an exact 20 nail difference in the paint can and the coffee can. Fishy figured out the there was a one inch difference in some order between the combined length of the nail Fishy had 73 of, and the nail Fishy had 53 of, and the combined length of the nail in the paint can, the nail Fishy had in the beer mug, and the nail Fishy had in the coffee can.


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