Solution to Montana Puzzle  May 1999

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Number Key (1.1) refers to first clue, first sentence. (3.3) refers to third clue third sentence, etc.

Beth has to be 6K and bears 3K(1.1)

Penny walked one K further than Beavers( 1.2).  Beavers is not 3K. Penny is not 7K(4.3) and so Penny can only be 5K. Beavers are 4K.

Beth is Last Chance Gulch (4.1).

Kelly is not 3K(4.2) Kelly walked more than one kilometer more or less than Sam( 2.3) So Kelly can only be 4K or 7K.

Kelly hiked further than the one who visited Top of Deep(3.3) but Deep can't be 3K (2.2) so Kelly can't be 4K. Kelly is 7K.

Rock Creek was not 5K(1.3). But was within 1 kilometer of Gulch 6K (1.4). So Rock Creek is 7K. Prongs is within 1 of Rock Creek (4.4) so Prongs is 6K. Goats were further than prongs (2.1) so Goats 7K.

Eagles is 5K.

3K can't be Garnet (4.2) and not Deep (2.2) only remaining Wall.

Garnet was not eagles (3.1). so Garnet is 4K and Deep 5K.

Margo is within 1 of Deep(2.5). so Sam is 3K and Margo 4K.


Beth, 6K, Pronghorns,Last Chance Gulch

Margo, 4K, Beavers, Garnet Ghost Town

Samantha, 3K, Bear Cubs, Chinese Wall

Kelly, 7K, Mountain Goats Jumping, Rock Creek

Penny, 5K, Eagles, Top of Deep