Fishy Needs Money

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Fishy the mountain man's chainsaw broke down, and he was short of cash to get it fixed. Seaching his mountain retreat he found five items he was able to sell: some gold dust, a few old bottles, some scrap iron, a hand-painted belt buckle and an elk antler handled knife. For each of the items he found a different buyer, three of whom were men, Sid, Al and Steve, and two of whom were women, Gail and Betty. For each item he received a different amount of money, $14, $21, $25, $28, and $30. Fishy found each item in a different spot: in an old stove, in the wood shed, in a bath tub, under his bed, or in the root cellar. He sold each of the items in town at a different time of day. Can you match each item sold with its buyer, the location Fishy found it, and the time of day it was sold?

1) Fishy, of course, did not find the scrap iron under his bed, since that might have magnetized his mind. The amount he was paid for the item sold at 11 a.m. was less than the average price of the items sold. Fishy sold the item he'd hidden in the wood shed, before he sold an item to Gail but after he sold something for $21.

Valuable Buyer Amount Location Time

2)The gold dust wasn't the item Fishy had hidden in his wood shed. Fishy sold the old bottles for more than he got for the item sold at 11 a.m, but sold the bottles for less than the item he had hidden in his root cellar. It was one of the men who bought the item Fishy had stashed in the bath tub.

3) Al was the buyer for an item that had been stored either under Fishy's bed or in his wood shed. The item Fishy sold for $30 was sold later in the day than the item Fishy sold for $21, but before the antler handle knife.

4) There was a two-hour difference between the time Betty purchased an item and the item that sold for $30 in some order. Fishy sold the item he had stored in the bath tub one hour before he sold the belt buckle. Betty spent more money than Sid but less than Al.

5) There was less than a $5 difference between the amount Sid paid and the amount paid for the item found under the bed in some order. Exactly three hours passed between the time Fishy sold the antler-handled knife and the scrape iron in some order.

6) There was a $7 difference in some order between the sale price of item found in the old stove and the price of the old bottles. There was more than a $10 difference in selling price between the item Fishy stored in the bath tub and the price he got for the old bottles in some order


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