May 2016 Puzzle

Fishy's Modes of travel


In the 2015-2016 winter Fishy kept track of five friends

who traveled around with different modes of transport.

One used a dog sled, another skis.  Still another used

a snowmachine which he referred to as a Snow Go.

The last two used snow shoes and a hovercraft. 

Each traveled a different distance to the location of

their car or truck.  From 3 miles to 11 miles. 

And all but one, Davey, were males. 

Can you match their first and last names,

which mode of transport they used,

the distance to their homes, and their average speed?



1) Dan was neither the fastest or slowest traveler, nor was the distance he traveled the furthest nor the least.
2) Either Justin or the traveler surnamed Lindsey traveled twice as fast as the other.
3) Dan traveled exactly 4 miles further than one other traveler.
4) Connor traveled further than the person whose surname is Pitsfew but less far than the person whose surname is Lindsey.
5) There was a 17 miles per hour speed difference between the traveler who traveled 4 miles and the traveler with the surname Sellers.
6) The female traveler was not named Sellers nor did she travel at 20mph.
7) The traveler who traveled at 20mph traveled 7 miles further than the traveler who wore snow shoes.
8) There was less than a 10mph speed difference between the times of Pitsfew, Bonn and Lindsey in some order.
9) The dog sled traveled at less than 20mph.
10) There was a 3 mile travel distance difference between the dog sled and snow machine in some order.
11) The female traveler rode a hovercraft.
12) Either the snow shoes traveled one mile further than the skis or the skis traveled one mile further than the snow shoes.
13) Bonn traveled faster than at least one other traveler but did not go as fast as Dan.
14) Justin traveled faster than Lindsey but not as fast as Walsh.
15) It was no surprise to Fishy that the skis traveled faster than the snow shoes.

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