Once December came the snow fell on Fishy's mountain cabin. With his constantly burning woodstove the snow on the roof melted and formed icicles in front of his one window which wasn't weather proof with plastic. Just after Christmas the icicles had grown to look like bars and made Fishy feel like he was a prisoner in his own jail.

Length Width Order Weapon Final Use

Using different weapons ( An icicle that had recently fallen, a log, a pellet gun, a slingshot , a snowball. and a .22 rifle) on each he knocked them down. He ordered them from left to right (as he looked out the window) from 1st to 6th, and measured each one for length ( 1', 2.5', 4', 4.5', 5' and 6') and width (1", 2", 2.5', 3", 3.5", 4"). Each of the sixth icicles was put to a thrifty use because Fishy valued the snow as clean water. He used one in his wash basin, one for a cold drink, one for dirty dishes, one for his footbath, one for his indoor ice chest, and one he plopped into his teakettle. Can you match the icicles order from left to right across Fishy's window with it's length, width, the weapon used to knock it down and it's final use?

The clues marked with ++++ are extra clues, including the first. There are 3 of them. Each makes the puzzle somewhat easier to solve. Can you solve the puzzle without using all or some of them?


Fishy didn't think of knocking down an icicle with an icicle until sometime after he had already knocked down three.


The .22 rifle burst it's icicle after the snowball knocked one down but before the log broke off the longest icicle.

The icicle Fish broke off with the log was 6' long.

The ice chest was not the final use of the icicle with the 2" width.

Fishy used the slingshot on a longer icicle than he used the pellet gun on.

Immediately after Fishy knocked down the icicle that was 3.5" wide he knocked down the icicle that he used in his cold drink.

Fishy washed his dirty dishes in water from the icicle that was exactly one inch thinner than the icicle that he knocked down with his .22 rifle.

The order number of the icicle ( which was more than 4' long) Fishy used for his footbath was odd.

The icicle Fishy knocked down with another icicle was wider than the one he used in his ice chest, but less wide than the one he used in his teakettle.

The 2.5" wide icicle was 6th in order to be knocked down.

Fishy's little .22 rifle cut down either the 3rd or 5th icicle.

Immediately after Fishy used the snowball to knock down an icicle he used a different weapon to knock down the 4.5' icicle.

One knocked down icicle separated the 5' icicle and the icicle Fishy used in his footbath in some order.

The 5' long icicle was knocked down after the 1" wide icicle, but before the 1' long icicle.


There was more than a one and a half foot difference in some order between the length of the icicle Fishy used in his cold drink and the one he melted to get his grimy dishes clean.

Fishy noted to his astonishment that no icicle he knocked down was as exactly wide in inches at it was long in feet.

The pellet gun and the slingshot were used on the icicles that ended up in the teakettle and the dish washing tub in some order.

Fishy noted that only one icicle was half as wide in inches as it was long in feet, and only one was twice as wide in inches as it was long in feet.

One icicles' fall separated the icicle that went into the wash basin from the one that went into the ice chest in some order.

Fishy knocked down the 2" icicle immediately after he put the previous one in his wash basin.


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