Fireworld 2000

During the summer of 2000, Montana saw it's worst fire season in ages. An early fire started by lightning on Anderson Hill set spot fires only 600 yards from Fishy's home. Though two-hundred fire fighters, three helicopters, and one fire retardant plane put the main fire and it's offspring out, by August there was a new fire the size of Manhattan Island only six miles from Fishy's cabin.

Compared to this one, that first fire was tiny. And Fishy decided to pack his stuff up just in case the wind shifted ,and he had to make a break for it.
Fishy used all of his own conveyances: an old Ford, a Jeep, a Trailer, a Silverado and a Winnebago. Into these Fishy placed: his furniture, elk,deer, & moose horns, guns & knives, pets, and his tools & generator.
Fishy and four friends, Alex, Bernie, Ned. and Sam drove five vehicles (One hitching the trailer to his own truck.) to five different locations: the driver's own driveway, Fishy's mom's house, the Lazy L Ranch, storage unit #1, and storage unit #2.
Can you determine which person drove which conveyance, what was in it, what it's destination was, and what was the order in which they left Fishy's only home in the moutains?

The driver who parked Fishy's goods in his own driveway drove out in the morning through a haze of smoke that was so thick you could only see 25 yards in any direction, taking a conveyance that was not first, not third and not fifth in the order of leaving. Either Fishy or Ned drove the conveyance piled high with the tangled collection of shed elk, deer and moose horns Fishy had collected over the years.

Fishy drove his conveyance out before the Winnebago rumbled down the dirt road and out the gate, but after the Jeep rolled out. Alex, who nervously kept scanning the sky for ash, left immediately before or after the person who drove to storage unit #1.

Immediately after a conveyance drove out carrying either the horns or the furniture, another conveyance left for the Lazy L Ranch, and right after that a conveyance carrying either the horns or the furnture drove out. Because it was the smallest the pets rode in the Jeep. The Trailer and the Jeep went to the driver's driveway and Fishy's mom's house in some order.

Fishy didn't trust his tools to Bernie ,because Bernie never returned a few he had borrowed. Fishy got the handmade furniture he made himself out of the danger area before his tools, but not until after he got his precious pets to safety. The conveyance that arrived at Fishy's mom's house was either the first to leave Fishy's mountain home, or the last. Alex didn't take the Trailer or the Winnebago.

Alex drove to Fishy's mom's. Fishy drove out along the smoke-chocked roads after Alex but before Ned. Bernie left immediately before or after the one who took the Trailer. One conveyance leaving separated the departure of Fishy and Bernie in some order.

The Silverado headed out before the Trailer but after the old Ford. In some order the conveyance that went to Fishy's mom's house, and the one that carried the horns had two vehicles go out between them. One conveyance separated the Winnebago and the Silverado in order of departure. Sam went to either storage unit #1 or storage unit #2.

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