For a long time Mountain Man Fishy had been using batteries to run 12-volt lights from an old car to light his mountain cabin. To charge the batteries he simply interchanged  them in his truck when he drove to town. In November, however, he won a color tv in a contest at a local grocery store and decided it might be nice to have electricity to watch the tv with. He talked to five friends, two of whom were ladies: Alice and Martha, and three of whom were men: Bill, Neil, and Paco. Each recommended a different power source: a generator, hydro power, solar power, a steam engine, and a windmill. Fishy checked out five suppliers: Hi's Hardware, Marty's Supply, Power Systems, Sticky's, and Wyona's Mail Order. From these suppliers he found each system had a different startup price: $695, $750, $925, $1125, and $1250. Can you match each type of power to its startup price, the friend who recommended it, and its supplier?
1) There was one step difference in some order between the cost of the system supplied by Hi's Hardware and Marty's Suppy. The system cowgirl Alice recommended cost more than the one old Martha recommended but less than the one that Wyona's Mail Order supplied. Neil, who had only moved into the mountains nine months ago, was not the one who recommended solar.
System Cost Friend Supplier

2) Cowboy Paco's suggestion for an energy system had an overall cost less than that suggested by Martha ( whose suggestion also cost more than Neil's but less than Bill's.) The difference between the cost of the energy system supplied by Hi's Hardware and Wyona's Mail Order was an even amount. The wind system cost more than using a generator would but less than the system supplied by Sticky's.

3) While ordering power systems by increasing price, Fishy found that Wind and Solar were right next to each other on the list in some order. Either Power Systems or Wyona's Mail Order sold solar systems. It wasn't one of Fishy's lady friends who suggested Marty's Supply. The owner of Power Systems doesn't consider steam power safe so doesn't carry any steam systems.

4) Hydro power cost more than the system Marty's Supply sold but less than the system recommended by Bill. Steam power was recommended by one of Fishy's male friends. Solar power cost more than at least two other systems. The system Neil recommended to Fishy cost less than the wind system.



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