Fishy's Dates

Fishy was getting lonely in his mountain cabin. He tried dating five different women: Amanda, Laura, Martha, Ronna, and Twilight. For each of his dates he brought a gift: an auto scrub brush, canning jars, a gold tooth, live chickens and pickled peppers. And on each date he intended to do something different:berry picking, fishing, hiking, horn hunting, and a trip to the town dump. Can you match up each of Fishy's dates with the gift and the activity on their date?

1)Twilight was not the lady who threw the chickens in Fishy's face. Although Fishy thought Ronna was a swell lady, he didn't like having to take her fish off the line. Either Laura or Ronna got the gold tooth Fishy found in the old cemetery.

ladyfriend gift date

2)Martha wasn't the one to enjoy horn hunting with Fishy nor the one who received the auto scrub brush. Twilight liked the canning jars so much she give Fishy a little kiss. Amanda looked at Fishy as if he were a nut when he gave her the pickled peppers, but she really enjoyed their outing.

3) The one lady without the letter 'a' in her name was not the one who refused to go hiking with Fishy. The lady Fishy took to the dump so she could find herself some new kitchen chairs received neither the auto scrub brush, nor the live chickens, nor the pickled peppers. The receiver of the gold tooth ( who got all excited thinking it was a wedding ring ) either went to the dump or hiking. Fishy gave the lady he went berry picking with the canning jars.



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