Moon of Berries Ripening

In the moon of the berries ripening Fishy the mountain man combed the woods for succulent berries. Climbing the hills of his mountain home he found four varieties that he would make into a rich jams. Huckleberries, Raspberries, Thimbleberries and Whortleberries. Of each variety he found different amounts, one pint, four pints, six pints and seven pints. And found each main patch in a different location, the side of the road, an old logged area, a steep meadow, and off a secret trail. He  picked on four successive picking days.  He started on Saturday and concentrated on one variety a day, taking a days rest after each long day's hunt, he hunted Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Can you match up the berries, with the amount, location and day Fishy found them?

1) Fishy picked the red-purple Huckleberries after he found bowl-like Thimbleberries but before he waded through the picker bushes to find the Raspberries. Fishy found neither the most nor least berries in the old logged area where he scared a moose. One Saturday when he was just starting out, Fishy found his first crop of berries right by the side of the road.

2) Fishy found more Thimbleberries on their big wide leave plants than he did the precious little Whortleberries on their tiny vines. Fishy ventured off his secret trail after he picked a steep mountain meadow.

3) On the second of two successive picking days Fishy picked one pint more of one variety of berries than he had of another variety on the previous picking day. Fishy did not find the huckleberries in the steep but open mountain meadow.

4) There were three pints difference (in some order) between the amount of berries Fishy picked off the secret trail and the amount he picked on the side of the road. The berries that Fishy picked the least of, perhaps the tastiest of all, were not picked in the steep meadow.


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