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Difficulty is based on how many runs it takes the

computer to solve the puzzle. This is a toughy (9 runs).

The most difficult puzzle in Sherlocks Logic Puzzles

is a 6.


Check out our new puzzle apps. Logic Puzzle Genius is the app version

of the grid logic puzzles here. It is available for the iPad and iPhone

and we hope for an Android version soon.

Check out our new puzzles set. Sherlock Holmes fans will love this. Sherlocks Logic Puzzles 2 is now out with iPad (Sherlocks Logic Puzzles 2a) and iPhone (Sherlocks Logic Puzzles 2) versions. Plus there is a Sherlocks Logic 1+2 for the iPad which includes both set of puzzles together. Sherlocks Logic Puzzles is an iPad app and Sherlocks Logic Puzzles P is the iPhone version of the first app.



Here is what one of the iPhone screens looks like.

For the iPhone and iPad.

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One of Dave's favorite places for logic puzzles (Really tough puzzles) is Dr Ecco's column in Dr. Dobbs Journal.

Dr. Ecco column even inspired the sequencer puzzle used in June 2000.  To read Dr. Ecco's column go to http://www.ddj.com

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